Life, Income Protection & Key Person insurance made easy

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Life, Income Protection & Key Person insurance made easy


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Solutions for general insurance, accounting, lending, legal and financial planning professionals.

Proactively engage your clients and work seamlessly with your life and key person insurance partners, with the click of a button.


Most business owners insure their business assets without fail, but all too often neglect to insure the key revenue generating staff and the business owners themselves - These key people give the business its value, keep the doors open and keep the cash flow flowing; without them their businesses would go backwards or even fall over.

The right key person risk management strategies will help protect your clients past and future life's work, avoid financial disasters and maintain control, certainty and cash flow.

Through the Key Person Risk Management platform, you can collaborate with your preferred life and key person insurance partners and help your clients manage their key person risks.

Life and key person insurance has never been simpler

Discover the many benefits you can experience with this cloud based platform:

Discover the many benefits

The Key Person Risk Management platform provides a quick, easy, online tool for you to proactively help your clients understand the importance of key person risk management.

Import your clients and complete the annual check-up in less time than it takes to power up your laptop.

Should your client require further insurance advice, you can collaborate with your preferred life and key person insurance partners.

You and your clients receive the check-up results in an easy to understand format.

The KPRM platform is independent of product providers and provides your clients with general guidance and an objective approach to considering life and key person insurance strategies, so they can make an informed decision about protecting themselves adequately against key person risks.

Proactively add value to your client relationships with the low cost high quality KPRM solution. Clients will thank you for helping them understand their key person risks.

The KPRM platform helps protect you and your firm from aggressive insurance and estate litigation lawyers. Never leave yourself open to a client suing because in your professional capacity, you never recommended they reviewed their key person risks.

Having the right life and key person insurance strategies also protects the families and financial dependents that rely on the key people to survive financially.

the "why"

Business owners spend the best part of their lives, working in and growing their business; only to let their life’s work (and a very valuable asset) dissipate upon their death or disablement.

The unexpected death, total & permanent disablement, critical illness, sickness or accidental injury of a business owner or key person, usually leaves a business without one of its key participants and/or revenue earners. Such a person is often difficult to replace, particularly in the short term, putting the business and its cash flow under significant strain at an already difficult time.

The purpose of key person risk management is to help put in place protocols and insurances that will allow business owners, their families and all interested stakeholders (including employees and clients), some clarity if one or more key people cannot continue in the business because of death, total & permanent disability, critical illness, sicknesses or accidents.


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Life and Key Person Insurance Tool for General Insurance, Accounting, Lending, Legal and Financial Planning Professionals.

What is the probability of that happening to you?
The odds are stacked up against you and your business:
2 partners > 59 in 100
3 partners > 74 in 100
4 partners > 83 in 100 (by the age of 65).
(Based on claims statistics, assuming a 35 year old male, suffering a critical illness, total disablement, or death)

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